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Panzer World Galient is a little known anime that was produced in 1984 Ryosuke Gupi for Sunrise Entertainment.  Gupi is also well known for producing such other memorable animes as Dougram, Armor Trooper Votoms, and SPT Layzner.  Panzer World Galient was a departure from these other mecha anime in that it was one of the first anime that used a combination of giant robots in a fantasy setting in an attempt to appeal to fans of both genres.  I became interested in the anime when I found a model kit of the Panzer Tracker Promaxis from the anime and have been looking for anything about it ever since.  Years later here is what I've found, enjoy!

What's New
9/19/99  Changed the look of the site and added some links.

Characters-  Under Construction

Story-  Under Construction

Episode Guide-  Under Construction

Mecha-  Under Construction

Beastiary-  Under Construction

Gallery-  Under Construction but there is some stuff here (all model pix from the 'net).

Miscellaneous Files
Kiss Viewer -  I didn't know what else to call it so I used the name of the site that I got it at
(everything there was in Japanese and hard for me to understand).  It's a nice little program that
allows you to view image files in a particular .cel format.  Most of the stuff there was of the dress-up paper doll variety.
Promaxis Kiss File-  Using the Kiss viewer, you can forward through all the cells and see Promaxis Panzers in several different varient units.
LHA.exe-  A Dos based decompression utility.  Exactly what you need to extract those pesky .lzh

The World Kiss Site-  A great site for getting a variety of Kiss files.  Check it out.

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